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Many young people who were drafted did not want to go to Vietnam because they did not support the war. To show their resentment, they burned the draft cards. This was quickly outlawed and punishment for doing so resulted in going to Vietnam anyway or being arrested.

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Their way of refusing to comply with federal law ordering them into the US Military service.

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Q: Why did people burn draft cards?
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How did men avoid being drafted?

Go to Canada or Mexico, or burn draft cards.

What did protesters burn in the Vietnam war?

Radical protestors during the Vietnam era often burned their draft cards. American involvement in Vietnam began in 1955, and the war ended in 1975 during the presidency of Gerald Ford.

What are methods used by draft resisters?

They burned their draft cards.

How did the baby boomers protest the draft?

Baby boomers protested the draft during the Vietnam War through large-scale demonstrations, such as the "Stop the Draft Week" protests in 1967. They also utilized civil disobedience, burning draft cards and organizing draft resistance movements. The movement gained momentum with events like the Kent State shootings in 1970.

Why cant you burn a military draft card?

Qualify the question a bit and I will be happy to answer. Do you mean why is it illegal to burn a draft card or why is it (or is it) socially unacceptable/morally wrong to burn a draft card? The fact is that you can burn a draft card but it is illegal. For a legal discussion see US v. O'Brien. I think there is a good wiki entry on it.

The burning of draft cards by those who objected to the Vietnam War is an example of civil disobedience because it was an action that?

violated a law that the protesters considered to be unjust. The U.S. government issued draft cards and the destruction of them was illegal, therefore the burning of the cards would have constituted an act of civil disobedience by people who perceived the mandatory draft laws and Vietnam War as unjust. This is the correct answer I saw it on a practice OGT and I had an answer key to use.

Why is the drafting to the military bad?

It's not bad for many people; and it is bad for many people. For the bad feeling people, most are simply scared of the military. Like anxiety...they can't help it. So when a draft comes, they panic; injure themselves, make themselves sick, just to fail the medical exams (and become disqualified). Or failing that, they flee for Canada...or they protest and burn their draft cards, or... MILITARY DRAFTS ARE BAD PPL.GOD DOESNT LIKE THEM AND NEITHER DOES JESUS .MILITARY DRAFTS ARE FOREVER EVIL

How did young American men protest Vietnam war?

By taking part in demonstration. They burnt their draft cards as part of a demonstration.

What is a burn card?

A burn card is a card that is put away without showing its value to anyone, as in the start of a shoe. A burn card is also a card that is not in play after it has been exposed out of turn. Basically burn cards are cards that are not used in play.

Why did the SDS oppose the Vietnam war?

Students for a Democratic Society saw the war as not a war ( it wasn't declared) but a police action. So, that means it was illegal and that it was also illegal to draft men for the war. They wanted young men to burn their draft cards in protest of the war and would hold demonstrations on college campuses to protest the war.

Radical protestors during the Vietnam ear often burned what?

There draft cards

Some Americans who protested the Vietnam war did so by burning there?

draft cards