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Originally used as a nickname for Dutch speaking Americans, the term refers to the Dutch surname "Janneke," which translates to "Johnny" or "Little John." Changed via its English pronunciation, it became "Yankee." Soon, it was used as a nickname for non-Dutch colonists settling into previously Dutch speaking areas such as New England.

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because they were rebels

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Billy Yank blue belly

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Q: Why did people call soldiers Yankees in the civil war?
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What did the confederate soldiers call the blue uniformed union soldiers?

The Yankees

During the civil war the soldiers from the south were call rebels?

Yes. They were fighting for the rebel states - the Confederacy.

What do southerners call people from the north?

Some southerners from the US call people from the north Northerners while there are some that call them Yankees. Others simply call them by their first name.

What do you call people who stand up for civil rights?

Civil Rights Activist.

What do we call people that lived in minnasota?

civil lawsuits

In wars what do you call the people who go to fight before the reserves?


Why did Lincoln call for 75000 volunteers during the civil war?

The Union needed soldiers to prosecute the war against the rebellious states.

What do you call people that take care of the wounded soldiers?

Doctors, medics, nurses..

When you fight a war with people in the same country we call that?

Civil war

What did the people of the time call the American Civil War?

the war that messed u up

What were people in the north called once the south seceded?

The people from/in the North can be referred to as Northerners or more often, Unionists. The Southerners, however, preferred to call them Yankees.

Why did the north people call the south people rebels during the civil war?

They rebelled against the status quo.