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Because the US government had to pay too much for the war without taking back anything.

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Q: Why did people think the Vietnamese War was futile?
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What happen to the vietnamese people when they lost the Vietnam war?

What happened to the NORTH Vietnamese? Or what happened to the SOUTH Vietnamese people?

Why is war sometimes considered as futile?

If war is futile; politics is futile. War is the obtaining of a political goal by other than political means.

When and why vietnamese people migrate to Australia?

because of world war

How do you think the vietnamese felt about the war?

It was part of life; those born & living from 1940 onward only knew war.

Who were the people infuenced by the Vietnam war?

In order of major impact; the Vietnamese people, the US, Australians, and the world involved with the cold war in general.

What is the nationalities of Vietnam?

Montagnard and Vietnamese; The Montagnards (French for Mountaineer/Mountain People) were considered (during the war) to be the original inhabitants of Vietnam. The Vietnamese were considered (during the war) to be immigrants from Ancient China.

How many vietnamese people lost their life during the Vietnam War?

over 300,000

When did the Vietnamese people evacuate Vietnam when the Vietnam war ended?

To evade the advancing NVA.

Why did Veitnamese migrate to Australia?

because Australia and its Alys had been waging war in Vietnam for many years. when they lost the war to the north Vietnamese. as situation developed where many people that cooperated with the south Vietnamese government were no longer safe in their own country so they sought asylum in Australia.

Whats the vitmanese war conflict?

The Vietnamese Conflict is another way of saying Vietnamese War.

When did Sino-Vietnamese War happen?

Sino-Vietnamese War happened on 1979-02-17.

How many Vietnamese people died?

1.1 million North Vietnemese people were killed during the Vietnam war