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If your city was being bombed (that's when airplanes ((airplanes are vehicles that can fly in the sky)) fly over your city and drop bombs ((bombs are usually metal encasing a series of explosives that when set off create a large and destructive explosion)).) you could go and hide (hiding is when you try to not be seen by whatever you are hiding from) in the bomb shelter and not die.

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World War 2 saw extensive, brutal bombings of almost all of Europe's major city centers. These indiscriminate bombing raids killed untold millions of civilians.

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Q: Why did people use bomb shelters during world war 2?
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When were Anderson bomb shelters given out?

During the second world war.

What did people in World War 2 have in their gardens?

bomb shelters

What were bombs shelters used for in the world war?

to shelter people and soldiers from bomb attacks

What was the names of the bomb shelters in World War 2?

a bomb shelter

Did the government have bomb shelters?

Great Britain definitely had bomb shelters for not only the general populace but also the government during the Blitz.

What shelters did people build in world war 2?

In WW2 bomb shelters were built due to being scared of begging bombed at there own home. This took place afte the bombing of pearl harbor. People thought if japan was willing to make such a trip to Hawaii,then they might make a trip to our homelend ,therefore many people scared of this fact, built bomb shelters in there own backyard.anyother questions on ww2, i would be willing to help.hit me back.

How did people live during World War 2?

most children lived in country and the adults sheltered bomb shelters out in there back garden or in a nearby comuinity sheltar

How many people did bomb shelters help in London?

Hundreds of thousands of Londoners used the bomb shelters and survived the Blitz.

What type of shelters did people start building because of the threat of communism?

It wasn't a threat of communism but of the atomic bomb that people built bomb shelters.

What was the material of the world war 2 bomb shelters?

Anderson shelters wee made of corrugated iron.

What was music used for during world war 2?

To occupy time when in the bomb shelters, people used music and singing to calm them down/ to try and enjoy themselves and ignore the danger outside

Why did the US have bomb shelters in 1949?

The Cold War and nuclear arms races in the late forties through the eighties was the impetus of Americans building bomb shelters. They were convinced Russia would bomb America and they could have if Kennedy had not stopped Fidel Castro and the Russians from sending over their nuclear missiles located ninety miles from the US. Most of the bomb shelters were a joke. They never could have protected the people from the radiation in the air or from the bomb explosion.