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Originally, Schindler sought to profit from the German invasion of Poland in 1939, buying a factory in Krakow at a low price and employing Jews as cheap "slave" labour, which he was able to do under Nazi rule. Schindler initially hid wealthy Jewish investors, possibly for profit, but later he began shielding his workers without regard to cost.

Schindler began actively helping the Jews after witnessing a 1942 raid on the Kraków Ghetto, where soldiers shipped the ghetto inhabitants to the concentration camp at Plaszow. Appalled by the murder of many Jews who had tried to hide, he worked to transfer them to a safer place. He was skilled in persuasive speech and often bribed government officials to avoid being investigated.


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some of them had given him all of their money in exchange. As for the rest, it was because they were cheaper.

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Q: Why did schindler hire Jewish worker instead of Polish workers both were available?
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Who gets the money that the Jewish workers should have received schindlers list?

S.S Officers got the money that the Jewish workers should have received. Schindler's List was directed by Steven Spielberg.

Where did Oskar Schindler's workers get the inscription they put on his ring?

It's a quote from the Jewish Talmud.

What is sabbath in Schindler's list?

During the Holocaust, Oscar Schindler saved the lives of the Jewish people who worked for him in his factory. For Jews, the Sabbath (called "Shabbat" in Hebrew or "Shabbos" in Yiddish) is from Sundown Friday night to Sundown Saturday night. The sabbath is the day of rest, and Schindler allowed his Jewish workers to observe their sabbath.

How much did Oskar Schindler make and pay out in bribes?

Oskar Schindler spent over $1.5 million in bribes to protect his Jewish workers during the Holocaust. He made his fortune from his enamelware and ammunitions businesses.

What was oskar schindler famous for?

For helping Jewish people.

What did the workers do in Oskar Schindler's factory?

They made made pots and pans as well as many types munitions including artillary shells though it has been said by both Oskar Schindler and the SchindlerJuden (Shindler Jews) that all munitions were faulty. To make this roughly 1200 Jewish workers were used all saved by Oskar Shindler and those who helped him!

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It is the law Schindler broke when he kissed the Jewish woman at his birthday party.

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His life.

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Schindler's List

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Jewish Police that helped the Germans

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Jewish entrepreneur's.

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