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Because he was from a Southern state and people of the day had much stronger loyalties towards their state than they did their nation.

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Q: Why did stonewall fight for the south?
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Did stonewall jaskson fight for the south in the civil war?

Yes. He was an instructor at the Virginia Military Academy.

What side did Thomas Stonewall Jackson fight in the Civil War?

Thomas Stonewall Jackson had fought on the Confederacy, or the South.

What side did stonewall fight on?


Who did Stonewall Jackson fight under?

The union

was stonewall Jackson from the south?

Yes. Stonewall Jackson was one of the greater generals of the war and fought for the Confederates or the South.

How did thomas Stonewall Jackson change the north and south?

he fought for the south

Which side was stonewall on the north or the south?

he was on the confederate side, or the south side.

What war did general Stonewall Jackson fight in?

The U.S Civil War.

Why did Stonewall Jackson fight for the Confederacy?

Stonewall Jackson was a Virginian and his state had voted Confederate. At the time, he was an instructor at the Virginia Military Institute.

Was Stonewall Jackson an officer in the south?

Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson was one of Robert E. Lee's favorite Generals

What things indicated that Hooker was not a match for the South's General Lee?

He assumed that he could make Lee fight on a ground of Hooker's choosing. When Lee didn't go for it, Hooker was disoriented and lost his nerve. Then he was caught off-guard by Stonewall Jackson's last devastating attack before Stonewall was mortally wounded.

What wars did thomas Stonewall Jackson fight in?

The Mexican War, and the American Civil War.