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The simple answer is because China had in the 30's been invaded by Japan, as part of Japan's ambitions into creating an empire. After Pearl Harbor, America sought every means possible in terms of fighting Japan. Supplying China was done as an intention of broadening Japan's war front.

The Chinese guerillas had been harrassing the Japanese despite Japan's cruel repression of China, and with American weapons, they were greatly aided with these supplies which they used to divert and pull sections of Japan's army from other theatres of the war where the allies were, thus as I said, expanding the war front for the Japanese, forcing the Japanese to be fighting in all areas.

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"The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

Since the 1930's, Japan had been slowly conquering China. In December 1941, after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, the US became involved in the war and started supporting Chinese efforts to fight Japan. Since the Chinese Communists were also fighting Japan, the US saw them as an ally and gave them support.

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To protect important economic interests

The United States was protecting vital trade interests

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They didn't.

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Q: Why did the Americans get involved in the Chinese and Japanese war?
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