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Many reasons, partly the weather, the Luftwaffe's failure to re-supply the Wehrmacht and the ferocious level of Russian resistance to Germany.

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Q: Why did the Germans fail when they invaded russia?
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Why did Germany fight Russia?

Because the Germans invaded Russia

Did the red army invade Germany?

No. The Germans invaded Russia.

Why was the German troops in Russia?

The Germans invaded Russia in 1941.Like They Were Not To Do

Russia was compelled to enter the war when the Germans invaded neutral Belgium in order to attack?

no, Russia entered the world war two because Germany broke the alliance between them (when the German Army invaded Russia)

Why did the Russians fight the Germans in world war 2?

The Germans invaded Russia, and were headed for Moscow, Russia and a few other places. The people and leaders of Russia did not want to be ruled by Germany, so they fought back.

How many times has Russia been invaded and by whom?

Russia was first invaded by Batu Khans Mongols in (1237-1240) The Swedes and Teutonic Knights jointly invaded Russia in (1240-1242) Russians led by Alexander Nevesky defeated both invaders. The Poles invaded Russia in (1605-1606) Polish occupation of Moscow untill a Russian uprising in 1618 drove out the Poles. Swedes led by King Charles invaded Russia in (1708-1709) Russians led by Peter the Great defeated the Swedes. Napoleons French Grand Armee invaded Russia in (1812) Napoleon forced to retreat because of winter. The Turks and Germans jointly invaded Russia during WW1(1914-1918) Russia under Lenin signed peace treaty with Germans. Germans left Russia after WW1. Hitlers Wehrmacht invaded the USSR in (1941-1945) and were driven out by the Red Army in 1944 led by Commanders Zhurkov, Konev and Chuikov.

In 1941 who did Germany invade?

In June 1941, Germany invaded Russia. The invasion was called the 'operation Barbarossa'. Russia put up a good defense and kept the Germans at bay for some months.

When did russia change sides in world war 2?

June, 1941. This is when the Germans invaded the USSR, forcing a war.

Why did the German invasion of Russia fail?

Because Russia was willing to sacrifice many millions of lives to hold and ultimately repel the treacherous Germans.

Who invaded Denmark?

The NAtion that invaded Denmark was the Germans

What did the germans do after they succesfully invaded denmark and norway?

Invaded France

Which country changed allegiances between world war 1 and 2?

Japan, Italy, and Russia (although they quickly found themselves invaded by the Germans)