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because America is ugly

because America is ugly

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This question is too vague. North, south or Central America? And what era are you asking about?

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Q: Why did the Seven Years War start in north America?
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Who was the one man that did not start a settlement in North America?

There are billions of people who did not start a settlement in North America.

When did the mid Atlantic Ridge start to separate North America from the British isles?

200,000,000 years ago

What are the continents that don't start with A?

North America, South America, and Europe do not start with the letter "A."

What cleared for the England to start colonies in north America?

The defeat of the Spanish Armada cleared the way for England to start colonies in North America.

What point does north America end and south America start?


What deserts in North America start with k?

No major deserts in North America begin with the letter K.

What is separating plates?

The separating plates literally means, when the plates such as Africa, Europe North America, South America etc. start moving away or apart after millions of years.

What is the direction when you start from North America and go south.?

Who ever you are the direction when you start from North America and go south is South America I am not sure but I think that's the answer.Thanks for reading I hope this really helps you.

At what point does North America end and South America start?

When it touches the isthmus of panama

Seven year business tax break for immigrants?

It is a myth that immigrants don't have to pay taxes the first 7 years they are in America. Immigrants that come to America and start businesses still have to pay taxes.

What is the capital city of North America and it has to start with a G?


When did Europeans start settling in North America?