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The Americans were fighting the Japanese at the time and the vietminh were also fighting for independance hoping to gain the U.S. as a ally after the war . After WW II the Americans were afraid of the communist influence of the vietminh and decided that backing the French rule was a better decision wich could be adapted to a freely elected pro US form of government .

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They didn't want the french to control Vietnam or Vietnam to become communist.

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Q: Why did the US first support vietminh then the French?
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What was the first type of us military involvement in ww1?

When they help the french and british troops with supplies

Similarity between World War 1 and Vietnam War?

There was a lot of similarity to trench warfare in that US forces were often dug in or placed into positions like fire bases that the Vietminh regularly shelled.

When did the US first send troops to support England in World War 2?

December 8th, 1941.

Who was the most responsible for the Vietnam war?

Communist expansion. During the cold war, it was US policy that the enemy always fired the first shot (they start it first). The only exception to this rule, was...FIRST STRIKE (with nuclear weapons); the US reserved the right to use nukes on an ememy FIRST (for obvious reasons). President Kennedy began US support for the South Vietnamese government in its battle against the Viet Cong (VC) by sending military advisors. President Johnson later sent combat troops, aircraft and naval units to combat the VC and then later the North Vietnamese regulars (NVA) troops. President Johnson initiated US bombing of military targets in North Vietnam. The War in Vietnam (or French Indo-China) had begun after World War 2, involving the French and the Communists. Although the US had indirectly provided some logistic support to the French up until their defeat in 1954, the US was not directly involved in the war until the 1963-1964. The communists governments of China and especially the Soviet Union had provided a great deal of support to the communist North Vietnamese throughout the war. It was this support that allowed the North Vietnamese government to wage war on South Vietnam, then later Laos and Cambodia. This was the exact intent of the communist governments that supported North Vietnam.

Why did the US support the cancellation of Vietnam's unifying elections?

During his term, Eisenhower will greatly increase U.S. military aid to the French in Vietnam to prevent a Communist victory. Or the US feared that Vietnam would vote for a communist government

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Did the US provide aid to the Vietminh during the French Indochina War?

No , the US assisted the French .

Where did the vietminh defeat the french at?

The French violated rule number 1 of warfare: Never underestimate your enemy. The French didn't believe the Viet Minh would encircle their positions with field guns (artillery); they did. The rest is history.

When was the french alliance reaches the US?

They first supported us during the American Revolution, providing military support after our victory at the Battle of Saratoga.

Why did the US support the French in the war of Indochina?

During the cold war the US would support "almost" anyone that resisted communism.

Who did the US originally support in the French Revolution?

Many believed that the US shoul provide active military support to the French, but others advocated allowing the Europeans to settle their own problems.

Where did The French announced support for the US after the American victory?


Who did the US support after world war ii?

french colonists

Who did the US support after the World War 2?

French colonialists

The french announced support for the US after the American victory at..?


What French citizen hoped to gain American support for France?

Edmund Charles Genet was the French citizen that hoped to gain American support for France. During the French Revolution he was the French Ambassador to the US.

What county gave the US most support in the American revolution?


After which American victory did the French decide to support the US?

The Battle of Saratoga.