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To stop the spread of communism.

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Q: Why did the US go to Vietnam and fight war?
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Why did US go to Vietnam war?

To fight communism.

Why did the US go into war in Vietnam?

To fight communism and preserve the Republic of South Vietnam.

What policy drove the US to go to war against Vietnam?

To fight communism

When did Canadian solders go to war?

Canadian men crossed into the US and joined the US military to fight in Vietnam. Canada itself did not go to war.

Why did you go to war at Vietnam?

To fight communism.

Why did US go to war with Vietnam?

The US went to war with Communist NORTH Vietnam to prevent them from conquering South Vietnam.

When did the US go to war in Vietnam?

Guerrilla war in South Vietnam '55; conventional war with North Vietnam '64.

Why so much opposition to the draft in Vietnam?

the Vietnam war was not an American war. we got in it to fight off communism. and the vietcong and north vietnamese worked together to fight us, and south vietnamese were hardly using their army to fight, they were letting us do all of it. and Americans didnt want to go die for a lost cause.

Why did the US soldiers fight in the Vietnam war?

The vast majority were volunteers, not draftees. They fought because that was their job as soldiers- to go where the nation sends them. Many truly believed it was a just war- to fight communism.

When was the US Coast Guard first sent into action in the Vietnam War?

The US Coast Guard only protects the United States, they do not go over seas to fight.

How did the Vietnam war effect the relationship between the US and Vietnam?

There is a good relationship today; US tourists go to Vietnam, and Vietnam markets it's trade goods to the US.

In what year did the US troops go to Vietnam for War?


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