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The spike on the German Pickelhaube helmet was decorative in nature. It was supposed to symbolize the aggressive nature of the German fighting force. The spike or "Spitze" had no real combat use. The spike actually became a problem during the war, as French, British, and U.S. soldiers could sometimes see the spike in the trenches and would aim to hit it with gunfire. This helmet was later replaced because it was made primarily of leather and did not offer suitable protection during this first modern war.

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One of the Kaisers thought they looked scary, tough and forbidding. He had the military put the spike on the helmets back in the late 1800s. The soldiers and officers took them off in World War 1 because the enemy could see the spikes and shoot at them even when they were in the trenches. So the Kaiser's idea to put spikes on them on the World War 1 helmets ended up being a fatal idea.

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Q: Why did the World War I German helmets have a spike on the top of it?
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