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the soldiers started fighting in the trenches in ww1 becausse they have more protection.if the trenches were zig zaggy, that has more protection because if the germans threw a shell it will only affect a couple of people

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World War I trenches were the then current best technology for protecting personnel from bullets and shrapnel. They learned that being below the surface of the ground allowed them to be less observable to the enemy, and the earth would stop bullets and shrapnel. It did not however protect them from artillery and mortar fire, or from chemical weaponry [gas].

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Q: Why did the soldiers in World War 1 end up in trenches?
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Why did men suffer from trenches foot in the World War 1?

Because of all the wet mud. The soldiers got trenchfoot because the trenches were covered in mud. The soldiers had to stand in the mud for days on end! The mud is what caused it!

Who was the soldier at the end of World War 1- The War To End All Wars?

There were many soldiers at the end of the World War 1 during the end of the world war.

What did soldiers need most in World War 2?

The war to end

What happened to soldiers that in the trenches?

During World War I, many soldiers had to fight in the trenches. These were unhygienic, deadly, cramped, and frightening. In almost every account, soldiers talk about their initial feelings of fear upon arriving in the trenches, and how that anxiety lasted throughout the war, and sometimes beyond.

Where did soldiers celebrate the end of World War 2?

In the streets wherever they were

How many trenches were built during the First World War?

Trench warfare was Intorduced in world war 1. By world war 2, really the end of ww1 on. they were outdated due to the use of tanks and their ability to roll over the barbed wire and trenches.

Where was the starting point and ending point of the trenches during world war 1?

start 1914 End 1918

What is war of Trench?

War of Trench refers to the fact that most of WWI was fought in trenches: a trench is a a long narrow ditch would could extend for miles. Soldiers would line up shoulder to shoulder with supplies and ammo in the trenches and and fire at each other for days on end

What significant population shifts occurred during World War 2?

World War 2 brought about a lot of migration to and from war town areas. The end of the war brought a baby boom to America from returning soldiers and citizens celebrating the end of the war.

How many US soldiers served by the end of World War 2?

Sixteen million

Which nations existence was threatened by an invasion of greek soldiers after the end of World War 1?


Which nation's existence was threatened by an invasion of Greek soldiers after the end of World War 1?