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Because the men at Fort Sumter got sent some ships with supplies such as food,ammo,etc. and the Confederacy(Southerners)were mad about this.So they attacked,and a day after,the North surrendered,which,in terms,lead to the Brother VS Brother war.Hope this is Useful!

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Control of Fort Sumter was very important to the South, because it needed the fort to control access to a major port.

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Because they knew it was a part of their state so they thought they had the right to have it.

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cause it was part of there land they thought sense that it was rightfully theres.

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Q: Why did the south attack fort sumpter?
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When did the south attack fort sumpter?


The attack that officially began the Civil War took place at what fort?

Fort Sumpter, South Carolina.

In which state was fort sumpter?

Fort Sumpter was in South Carolina.. I THINK

Who began with the attack on fort sumpter?

The confederates

Where did the attack on fort Sumter happen?

It was on April 12, 1861 on a Friday morning when shots were fired on Fort Sumpter in Charleston, South Carolina.

Which states seceded befor the attack on Fort Sumpter?

Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, Georgia

What was the first conflict between confederate and union?

The attack of fort. sumpter

Where in South Carolina did the civil war begin?

Fort Sumpter, Charleston, South Carolina

Began with the attack on fort Sumter?

The Civil war did start at Fort Sumter (alternative spelling is Fort Sumpter), which is an island you can ferry to from Charleston, South Carolina. The military students from the Citadel, which is still a military university in the United States, were ordered to fire on the Union.

Was mount sumpter a fort?

The name is Fort Sumpter but I don't know if it was on a mountain or whatever.

What triggered the cold war?

Thecollapsed of the Soviet Union triggered the Cold War

What were fort Sumter and Appomattox court house?

The Point of the civil war of the south's surrender is Appomattox, and Fort Sumpter was the first battle