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Because the Soviet Union wanted to spread communism, but the Americans did not want that so they stopped being the Soviet Union's ally.

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Q: Why did the wartime alliances between the allies fall apart after World War 2?
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What alliance fought great Britain and the US in world war 2?

World War 2 was of two alliances. The Axis, and the Allies. Great Britain and U.S.A were on the Allies side.

The two alliances during World War 1?

Central Power and Allies.

Name the two alliances during World War 1?

Central Power and Allies.

What are the 2 alliances for World War 2?

Britain and the US were the largest English speaking Allies. Russia was part of the Big 3 allies of the 16 nations.

What were the two major alliances allowed in World War 1?

The Entente (Sometimes called the "Allies") and the Central Powers.

How were alliances involved in World war 2?

Axis- Germany, Italy, and Japan Allies- UK, USSR, USA and others

What are the names of the two military alliances that battled each other during World War 2?

Allies and axis powers.

How was alliances a cause of World War 1?

An alliance system that required allies to aid one another in armed conflicts.

Why did having alliances make World War 1 worse?

having alliances involved more nations in world war I Germany got in because it was an ally of Bulgaria. France and Britain got in because they were both allies with sebiria

How the cold war ideology that crystallized after World War 2 changed wartime alliances that had existed during the war?

In basic terms, some of yesterday's enemies became new allies, and some former allies became enemies, although not in an outright way. Japan, Italy, and West Germany became Western allies. China, North Korea, East Germany, and the former Axis countries of Eastern Europe lined up with the USSR. It should be remembered that most of these alliances were involuntary on both sides, but the Free World countries tended to have a greater freedom of choice than the Communist countries. As in World War 2, a few countries were able to remain neutral in the Cold War.

Who were the 2 opposing alliances in world war 2?

The Allies and the Axis.Allies and Axis

Which country changed allegiances between world war 1 and II?

spainSpain did not change alliances. It was neutral during both wars. However, Italy was an Allied Power during World War I and opposed the Allies as an Axis Power in World War II.