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Vietnam vets fought a different type of war , some classify it a a conflict similar to the Koren war . Nam vets were required to a year tour of duty , 13 months for the marines compared the duration of the war for older vets . The older vets also less of a profile at home because the the larger numbers involved . And were sucessful at the end .

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Q: Why didn't older veterans accept the Vietnam vets?
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75% of veterans served by hostillity there are 24.9 million veterans 1.7 million veterans are women 9.7 million veterans are 65 or older 2.4 million veterans were black

How many soldiers are still alive from Korean war?

Of the 2.7 Million of Americans who served in Vietnam approximately 57,000 were killed. It is estimated that out of those survivors less than 900,000 are alive today. This is stark contrast to the US census figures and VFW magazine polls showing that 13,853,027 Americans claim to be Vietnam Veterans. Four out of Five of those who claim to be Vietnam Veterans are not.

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75% of veterans served by hostillity there are 24.9 million veterans 1.7 million veterans are women 9.7 million veterans are 65 or older 2.4 million veterans were black

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During the Vietnam War, WWII and Korean War veterans were in their 30's, 40's, and early 50's...they were fathers, NOT GRANDFATHER's, for the most part. Some of those WWII & Korean War veterans were members of the still existing veteran organizations, such as AMVETS, VFW, and the American Legion. The membership of those veteran groups were at a loss as to why "us 1960's generation men" couldn't defeat a bunch of enemy soldiers who weren't equipped with "aircraft carriers, battleships, submarines, cruisers, destroyers, (and in the beginning of the Vietnam war...tanks, big artillery, and jet aircraft)." The WWII and Korean War fellows had defeated much more powerful foes, therefore they were at a loss as to what was holding us up from defeating those communist guerillas? At the same time, drafted men were now protesting (draft dodgers, draft card burning, draft riots, etc.), this aspect of the war really angered the WWII & Korean War veterans; after all, MANY OF THEM HAD BEEN DRAFTED TOO during WWII & Korea. And "IF" there had been any draft dodging or draft card burning during their wars, it wasn't as advertised as much as it was during the Vietnam War. So, to answer the was very difficult, for a time, for Vietnam Veterans to gain membership in the above listed veteran organizations. Pretty good answer except that during WWII, about two thirds who fought were drafted, during Vietnam two thirds were volunteers. The average number of days a WWII vet spent in combat during a year was 40. During Vietnam it was 240 due to the advent of the helicopter. Vietnam was a small unit war not greatly understood by either WWII veterans or the general public. US troops were not allowed to attack the enemy in their homeland as they had been in WWII. Then there was the attitude that they were somehow better because they enjoyed widespread public support in WWII, which Vietnam veterans did not. As a Vietnam vet, it was a sad commentary that the WWII vets at first turned their backs on their fellow vets, even though they qualified for membership according to the rules of those organizations at the time. Over the years many myths about Vietnam veterans have persisted. In spite of indifference from both the government and general public, the vast majority have gone on to lead productive lives. It may take another generation to sort out truth from myth. Contributing to many of the myths is the large number of phony Vietnam veterans who perpetuate these myths. The Census Bureau says of the 2.8 million in country veterans who served about 1,027,000 survive as of the 2000 Census. At the same time there are according to Census, 15 million claiming to be Vietnam veterans.

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