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because they are thirsty

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Q: Why do countries fight over water?
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Do countries fight over water?

because they are thirsty

Do countries fight over diamonds?

Some do. It is more of a fight over territory if diamonds are found. Countries want to make a profit.

Why do animals fight over water?

Animals fight over water because if none of them had water they world die (thinking of themselves)

What two countries fight over the West Bank and why do they fight over it?

Israel and Palestine fight over the West Bank because they each believe that they have a right to that territory for safety, security, a homeland, and its sacred character.

What do you do if your guinea pigs fight over the water?

2 water bottles..

What did Mesopotamians fight over?

The Mesopotamians fought over the resources and water rights.

Do betas and sea horses fight?

Yes, they fight constantly over how salty they like the water.

How does a hippo courtship?

They fight over water hole's to impress the female's .

Why do countries fight over oil?

Countries fight over oil because it is a valuable resource that is essential for economic growth and security. Control over oil reserves can provide a country with strategic leverage and influence on the global stage. Additionally, access to oil can impact a country's energy independence and ability to meet the needs of its population.

Why did french and british colonists fight in the wars of their home countries?

They wanted land and power over our colonies.

Why didn't certain countries want to fight war with great Britain?

they were worried that they would get taken over!!!

Which 2 countries were rivals in the new world and what did they fight over?

Spain, France and England were rivals in the fight for land in the New World, mostly in North America and the Caribbean.