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A refugee is a person that has become homeles a s the result of political turmoil, war, naturaldisasters, famine, to name but a few reasons.

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Q: Why do people become refugee's?
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Why do people become refugees in Afghanistan?

People become refugees in Afghanistan because of instability in their home areas. The instability is usually due to political upheavals.

What have people done to become refugees?

Leaving their country to go to another

What happens to people of the Sahel who are driven from their land?

They become refugees from heat.

Why did Jewish people become refugees from Germany?

their rights and freedoms were being taken away in Germany.

How do people become refugee's?

people become refugees by leaving their countries because of corrupt governments or they are living in war zones and leave their countries because it is unsafe

Why do people from Kosovo become refugees?

The vast majority of Kosovar refugees fled to Albania because the vast majority of Kosovars are ethnic Albanians and knew that in Albania they would not be persecuted. As for Montenegro, it was relatively close by.

What is the reason why they are refugees?

People become refugees because they are forced out of their native homes because of natural disasters, political instability and conflicts such as civil wars. The main reason behind moving away is to avoid persecution and suffering.

Why do people need to seek asylum or become refugees?

Well it can depend. They may be escaping from war or a corrupt government or even just poverty.

What are illegal refugees?

illegal refugees are those people who leave their country without a permission

How do refugees become refugees?

Refugees are forced to flee their home countries due to persecution, war, or violence. They often face threats to their safety and well-being, leading them to seek refuge in other countries where they hope to find safety and protection. Refugees must meet specific criteria set by international law to be officially recognized as refugees.

Who are boat people?

Vietnamese refugees

Where and when did India try to flee or become refugees?

See website: India