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Akiba Drummer loses his will to live because he lost his faith in god; during the Holocaust, one of the only things a Jew had to live for was his faith that God would save them.

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Q: Why does Akiba Drumer lose the will to live?
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Who is Akiba Drumer in night?

he was that guy

What are the results for the struggle of faith in akiba drumer?

They kill him

What did akiba drumer and the rabbi from Poland have in common?

They get BURNED

After Akiba Drumer's death what do Eliezer and the other prisoners do?

Eliezer and the other prisoners mourn Akiba Drumer's death briefly, then focus on their own survival. They continue to endure the harsh conditions of the concentration camp, trying to avoid the same fate as Akiba.

Why is akiba drumer chosen for selection?

Akiba Drumer is chosen for selection during the Holocaust because he is deemed unfit for work due to his declining physical condition, making him a liability for the Nazis. This often led to Drumer, along with others who were considered weak or sick, being selected for extermination in gas chambers.

What happens to akiba drumer night Elie Wiesel?

In Elie Wiesel's book "Night," Akiba Drumer loses his faith and will to live in the concentration camp. He eventually gives up and stops praying, becoming apathetic and losing hope, which ultimately leads to his death. His story serves as a powerful example of the devastating impact of dehumanization and loss of faith in such extreme circumstances.

Who is dutch oberkapo in the book Night?

The Dutch Oberkapo in the book "Night" by Elie Wiesel is a prisoner named Akiba Drumer. He was a religious man who eventually loses faith in humanity and God while in the concentration camps. Akiba Drumer is known for his beautiful voice and singing, but tragically loses his will to live and is sent to the gas chambers.

What did akiba drumer ask the others to do for him and did they say it?

Akida Drumer asked the others to say Kaddish for him three days after he left, and no they didn't say it; they forgot to say it.

What are akiba drumer physical traits?

Akiba Drumer is described as a robust man with a booming voice and strong presence in Elie Wiesel's book "Night." He is portrayed as devout and passionate, often leading prayers and providing inspiration to other prisoners in the concentration camp.

Why does wiesel tell the story of Akiba Drumer-and how everyone forgets to say the Kaddish for him?

he thought it was wrong

Why does Wiesel tell the story of Akiba Drumer?

Elie Wiesel includes the story of Akiba Drumer in "Night" to depict the loss of faith and hope experienced by many prisoners in the concentration camps. Akiba's story highlights the struggle to maintain belief in a benevolent God in the face of extreme suffering and adversity. It serves as a poignant reminder of the spiritual challenges faced by many during the Holocaust.

Who is akiba drumer?

his is a character in the book night who ends up being killed b.c he loses his faith and does survive the selections.