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rememberance day is important because it shows your appreciation for it and how you cared for the soldiers.

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Q: Why is Rememberance Day so important?
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Where do we celebrate rememberance day?


When was the first rememberance day?


Why do you not clap during a Remembrance Day cerimony?

Rememberance day is a day of silence for remembering our fallen soldiers who now lay in Flander's Field. We do not clap as it is not a day of happiness, it is a day of rememberance.

Another word for death anniversary?

Rememberance day.

What flower do people wear on rememberance day?


What is the official name of poppy day?

rememberance day - 11th day of 11 month

What does rememberance day mean?

It means To honour our soldiers who were in the war.

What is Veterans Day called in Canada?

it was called Remembrance day

When is cod 7 released?

Nov 11 2010 (rememberance day)

What are some words that describe Veterans Day?

Honorable, patriotic, rememberance, etc.

What is Holocaust day?

Every day, the Jews set aside one day called the Holocasut Rememberance Day. Many people mourn that day, or they pray in their synogauges, or they visit the dead. May 1, 2011 was the holocaust rememberance day this year. People will remember it because it is the same day Osama Bin Laden was killed

Why do you think that Anzac Day is such an important day in Australia and New Zealand?

Australia New Zealand Army Corps It is a day of rememberance for all those soldiers slaughtered at Gallipoli and therefore symbolises our national pride in our country and our armed forces.