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I believe that WW1 should be remembered, due to the huge death toll on either side. Millions of soldiers world wide were killed, it works out that during the war, which lasted 4 and a quarter years 230 soldiers died every single hour! The war is luckily still remembered today, on rememberence day ( The nearest Sunday to the 11th of September), this day in 1918 was the first time since august 1914 that the guns fell silent on the western front.

I personally believe that not only the soldiers should be remembered, but the men, women and children who got caught up in the fighting, who lost loved ones or those who had to suffer starvation and disease as all of the main supplies were forced to be taken to the western front.

These are the reasons in my opinion that the first world war should be remembered as not only one of the great victories of the allies, but also one of its greatest defeats as well. As everyone lost something, may it be a Father, Brother, Son, Boyfriend or any member of friends or family. This war should be remembered, but not all attention should be concentrated on the soldiers, people should remember the innocent civilians who had to suffer due to the war.

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WWI began the shaping of the political geography of much of the world as we know it today.

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there is an island near Australia that had ww1 take place on it.

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Q: Why is World War 1 so important in Australia's history?
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