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When is war ever a good thing?

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Q: Why is empire Total War not good?
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Which game is better Lord of the Rings total war or empire total war?

THERE WAS NEVER A LORD OF THE RINGS TOTAL WAR GAME ! but empire total war is good but every total war game was good :)

How is empire total war?

Empire Total War is an amazing game with good graphics, lots of strategy, and really good naval battles.

Is Empire Total War on PS3?

No, Empire Total War by the Creative Assembly is a PC exclusive RTS.

Is the HD4670 a good graphics card to run empire total war AND Crysis?

Yes. If the rest of the PC's good enough.

Is medieval total war 3d?

no the first 3d total war is empire

Your empire total war has no sound?

Empire total war has no sound, no nothing, and then my pc has no sound, i have to reboot my computer to have windows sound again

What does demo for empire total war cost?


Where can you buy Empire Total War?

Just about anywhere that sells computer games. You can also google Empire Total War for Sale or try Amazon.

On Empire Total War can you change National Religion and in Napoleon total war how do you change your capital?

no, and you cant

Can you fight as Portugal in empire total war?

No you can't.

Is HMS victory available on empire total war?


How do you get a first person view in medieval total war?

you cant but in empire total war you just press insert