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One of the main reasons was to separate the Vietnam War from the French War or French Vietnam War (which is often referred to as the French Indochina War; and lately, the 1st Indochina War). To makes things simple: The French Indochina War and the US (American) Vietnam War, might be the easiest way to remember it.

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It was the longest war fought against another nation (1955-1975).

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Q: Why is the Vietnam war often called the 'American war'?
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What were American supporter of the war effort in Vietnam were called?


American forces fighting in Vietnam were fighing what is often called?

Communist aggression, an un-winnable war, guerrilla war, a limited war, a jungle war, a hot battle of the cold war, etc.

Compare and contrast the Vietnam war and the American war?

Most people know what the Vietnam War is; what is the American War?

American tactics in the Vietnam War?

what were the american tactics in the vietnam war

What was Vietnam called after World War 2?

Vietnam was called Vietnam after World War 2.

Why Vietnam won the war but lost the peace?

Vietnam won the French war. North Vietnam won the American Vietnam War. There was no such country named "Vietnam" during the American Vietnam War 1955-1975. There were two nations: North VN & South VN.

When was American Writers Against the Vietnam War created?

American Writers Against the Vietnam War was created in 1965.

In what ways was the Vietnam war not really a war?

Only by administrative functions; like the American Civil War (also known as the US Civil War, but officially called the "War of Rebellion") fought from 1861-1865, neither the American Civil War nor Vietnam War were declared wars.

What problem made China reluctant to improve relations with the United State?

American support for Taiwan The Vietnam War

When do Vietnam won the war?

There was no country called "Vietnam" during the war. There was a country called North Vietnam and another country called South Vietnam, which one are you asking about?

What is the second name of the Vietnam war?

The veterans abbreviated it to "Nam. " And it was derisively called "McNamara's War" after Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara. Another Answer: To the Vietnamese it was called the "American War".

What was the American Involvement in the Vietnam War?

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