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The Sahara Desert covers this region, making the area unfavorable for farming.

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Q: Why is the area highlighted by the blue box largely uninhabited by people?
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What is an uninhabited area called?

An uninhabited area is typically referred to as wilderness, wilderness area, or no man's land.

Sentence with uninhabited?

There are many islands in this area that are uninhabited

What is another word for Uninhabited region?

uninhabited region

Is Antarctica a rural area?

It would be considered an uninhabited area.

What part of speech is uninhabited?

"Uninhabited" is an adjective, used to describe a place or area that is not lived in or populated by humans.

Is heard island inhabited?

Heard Island is uninhabited by humans. The island is a remote and largely untouched volcanic island located in the southern Indian Ocean. It is designated as a nature reserve and protected area.

What Brazilian city is located in an uninhabited area of the country?

Manaus is a Brazilian city located in a relatively uninhabited area of the country, surrounded by the Amazon Rainforest.

Why is area 51 uninhabited?

Because it is a military base.

What is the population of Wilderness Scotland?

As of 2021, the total population of Scotland is estimated to be around 5.5 million people. Wilderness areas in Scotland, which are largely uninhabited, have very low or negligible populations. The specific population of Wilderness Scotland would depend on the specific area in question.

Can you die highlighted hair?

Yes you can,. But the highlighted area could be lighter than other areas

Which Brazilian city begun as a planned city in 1957 is located in a formerly uninhabited area of the country?

That would be Brasilia, with about 2.5 million people.

Which conterminous state in the US has the largest percentage of its area uninhabited?