Why was Adolf Hitler know for?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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he was the cause for World War II, and the holicost

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Q: Why was Adolf Hitler know for?
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Who shot adolf hitler?

As far as we know, Adolf Hitler shot himself.

Who is more famous Adolf Hitler or John Lennon?

Hitler I don't even know who john lennon is.

Was Adolf Hitler the cruelest leader in Germany?

Yes Adolf Hitler was the cruelest person to know; HE WAS CRAZY MAN!

German leader in 1939 who lead to beginning of second world war?

Adolf Hitler as everyone know!

This dictator was the leader of Nazi Germany from 1933-1945?

That would be Adolf Hitler.

How many nicknames did Adolf Hitler have?

i dot know

What is Adolf Hitler know for?

his fabulous period watercolours

Did Adolf Hitler have a MySpace?

adolf Hitler did not have a my space because back then they were not having myspace and they didn't know about myspace so it did not exsisted

How did Winston Churchill know Hitler?

Winston Churchill never met Adolf Hitler.

Who was the leader of the third Reich?

Adolf Hitler until his death, and then Karl Donitz.

Is Adolf Hitler single?

No, Adolf Hitler is not single.

What race was Adolf Hitler?

Adolf Hitler was born on April 20 th 1889 in Braunau-am-Inn, Austria. most peolple dont know, but hitler was black.