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The family was targeted and harassed in Nazi Germany because it was Jewish.

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Q: Why was Anne targeted by the Nazis?
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What religious group of people was the target of the holocaust?

Very strictly speaking, no religious group was targeted by the Nazis on religious grounds. Perhaps you are thinking of the Jews, but they were targeted as a race; then there were the Jehovah's Witnesses, but they were targeted for 'civil disobedience', not for their religion as such.

What other groups were targeted by the Nazis for extermination?

Russians, Slavs, Poles, Jews, Gypsies, the weak and the lame, the mentally challenged, Homosexuals, Blacks, and others.....

What two other groups were targeted during the holocaust?

Many minority groups were targeted. People like homosexuals, gypsies, and etc. were targeted.

What other groups of people were targeted by the nazis and why?

There were many groups targeted by the Nazis, each for their own reason, but fundamentally because the Nazis did not see a place for them in German society. Different groups were targeted for different levels of persecution at different times. For example Gypsies were rounded up and experimented on and it was only late into the war that they were targeted for execution. In addition to this different tribes were treated differently and the same tribes were treated differently dependent on which country they were from. The disabled, especially the mentally disabled were the first to be targeted for execution, this was before the Holocaust. The reason for this was that they were seen as not contributing to society and being a drain on resources. Jews were the only other group targeted for execution, at first, in 1939 they were segregated and their numbers were so great in small spaces (ghettos) that in 1941 the decision to liquidate the ghettos was taken, in 1942 about three million Jews would be murdered, the decision was then made to unilaterally murder all Jews in occupied Europe. After Jews the next largest group was Soviet POWs, many of these were Jews themselves and they suffered near similar conditions, but instead of being gassed to death, they were worked to death. There were also millions of Slav civilians who were worked to death in near slave conditions. There were also many minor groups who were persecuted for political, social or moral reasons, but none would see persecution on the same scale as those mentioned, these include: trades unionists, communists, homosexuals, Jehovahs Witnesses, 'Swing Kids', habitual criminals and violent criminals.

Who were the people targeted during the holocaust?

The 'undermeshcen' although the 'final solution' was technically the 'final solution to the Jewish problem' so it was only the Jews. However gypsies, homosexual, asocials and the Nazis political opponents were also sent to the death camps.

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What groups were not targeted by the Nazis?

Glam Rockers?

How did Anne Frank fight against the Nazis wiki answers?

Anne Frank did not fight the Nazis, she hid from them.

Which group was the MAIN target of the Nazis during the Holocaust?

Primarily Jews, but other minorities were targeted by the Nazis.

Did anne frank forgive the Nazis?

yes she did out of loving nature

Why did Anne Frank and her family get captured?

the nazis the nazis the natzis

How was Anne Frank treated by the Nazis?

anne frank was treated un-normally

Who betrayed France to the Nazis?

Anne Frank.

Did Anne Frank get caught by the Nazis?


Which was the first group targeted by the Nazis for repression once the Nazis seized power in Germany?

Communists, trade unionists and political opponents.

Were all Anne Franks family Jewish?

Yes, Anne Frank's family was Jewish. Anne Frank and her family were targeted and persecuted by the Nazis during World War II because of their Jewish heritage.

What did Anne Frank take with her when they were captured by the Nazis?

She took most of her valuable items, but the Nazis confiscated them.

Who caught Anne Frank?

The Green Police (Nazis)!