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The Germans outflanked the Allied armies in Eastern France by go through Belgium in a matter of hours. They cut off the British to the North and started to encircle them. The English retreated by the port of Dunkirk. Most of the soldiers managed to get back to England on thousands of ships that came to evacuate them, but, they left their heavy equipment, vehicles, and weapons behind, when they left France by the beginning of June 1940.

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Q: Why was British so desperate after may 1940?
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What happened in the spring of 1940?

The British air force, the RAF, fought the Nazi German air force, the Luftwaffe. The British won, and so Hitler could not invade Britain.

What is the phoney war?

Neither France or Germany wanted to engage their troops in trench warfare in the winter of 1939-1940. So, they sat facing each other in their lines of forts, and waited for the other to start something. The phony war was the time period between 1939-1940 when we had declared war but didn't do any thing

Why did the German blitzkrieg work so well in May 1940?

Because it did. blitzkrieg was a brute force attack on one weak point. When "penetrated," blitzkrieg dug a massive hole in the opposing opponent'(s) army which, could be a diversion for other attacks.

When did Denmark get invaded?

At 04:20 (am) April 9, 1940, German soldiers who had been hiding in a ship in Copenhagen port started the Copenhagen part of the invasion of Denmark. Their aim was to take over the Danish military headquarters in the nearby Citadel. Around the same time German troops cross the German-Danish border at the southern part of Denmark, paratroopers landed at crucial air fields, and troops landed at the strategic habour of Korsør. The main "persuasive argument" for at quick surrender was, however, the bombers flying over Copenhagen accompanied by the treat that the city would be bombed (Rotterdam-style), if the Danish government didn't accept that "German military took over the defence of neutral Denmark gainst a possible British attack" - so the Danish government accept under protest, and stayed in power for three years into the WW2 in spite of the German occupation - a very unusual set-up compared to other occupied European countries.

How did the Sepoy mutiny change the way the British ruled India?

The mutiny increased distrust between the British and the Indians so the British decided to directly rule India instead of indirectly.

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Who surprised the allies in may of 1940?

The Germans, when they invaded France in the "Blitzkreig" or "lightning war". Also, the British were astonished when the French defenses collapsed and France surrendered so suddenly.

What happened in the spring of 1940?

The British air force, the RAF, fought the Nazi German air force, the Luftwaffe. The British won, and so Hitler could not invade Britain.

What are the release dates for So You Won't Talk - 1940?

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In what month 1940 France was defeated?

France was invaded in May 1940. Their military was defeated rather quickly, and the government surrendered to Germany on June 22, 1940. So France was finally fully defeated in June.

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What was so important about the morale of the British Civilians in 1940?

They were at war, under attack and threatened with invasion. They really needed to keep a stiff upper lip.

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What are the release dates for So This Is London - 1939?

So This Is London - 1939 was released on: UK: March 1939 USA: 3 May 1940