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One reason why Russia was unprepared for war was the internal espionage. Although Russia had a huge advantage over other foreign powers due to its extensive network of spies, much of its information was never analysed, as Stalin refused to trust his intelligence service. Another reason for this was because during much of the 1930's, Russia's intelligence resources were focused on the hunt for Trotsky, which left little ability to monitor foreign enemies.

Military preparation also lacked efficiency in preparing for war. Between 1937 and 1938, the Red Army had been purged extensively, trying to ensure that all of its members were loyal to Stalin's regime. For example, from Feb 1937 to Nov 1938, Stalin authorised the execution of almost 39,000 army officers and 3,000 naval officers. This meant that the Russian army was significantly low on numbers and level of experience and skill.

Besides the lack of military preparation, economic preparation was also ineffective. Stalin's purges led to chaos in major government departments, additionally, the third five year plan was never completed or even published. There was no agreement to the budget of military spending, and seventeen different government departments argued with Gosplan over the amount of money to be allocated to war production.

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least amountw of technolgy to fight in the war

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They were never prepared, as Russia was not industrialized. This affected their battling because they had few train tracks to move supplies and could not make munitions quickly.

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Q: Why was Russia not prepared to fight when ww1 broke out?
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