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it really wasnt an idea it just was inevitable.

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Q: Why was World War 2 a good idea?
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In world war 2 was evacuation a good idea?

Yes. Evacuation was a good idea because the children were safe in the country.

What is so famous about Berlin world war 2?

Good question i have no idea

What war led to the idea of M and M'S?

world war 2

How did the end of World War 2 impact defense spending in the US?

well i don't have any idea about it............ but good luck

What was the role of the US after World War 2?

i have no idea.

Why is World War 2 described as the good war?

World War 2 is described as the good war because it helped end the Great Depression

Who introduced the idea of the World War 2 memorial to congress?

The idea of the World War 2 Memorial was introduced to Congress in 1987 by Representative Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio) at the suggestion of World War II veteran Roger Dubin.

Was America's entrance into World War 2 a good idea?

After the Japanese attack on the US Fleet at Pear Harbor it was the only alternative available.

What were the Effects of world war 2 on the political systems of who were involved in the war?

The effects of war are caused by violence and stupidity. but the war was only started because the politians were fighting. And i have no idea what i am talking about! Good Bye!!!!!!! yo

What are good books about the World War 2?

The Good Fight; how world war 2 was won Anne Franks diary hanas suitcase world war 2 fact book by peter darman

What were the religious effects of World War I that lead to world war 2?

The idea that World War 1 had religious effects is novel.

How many allied powers died World War 2?

i hav no idea