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the north was discouraged by bad war news- apex my homie

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:) thx homie
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the north was discouraged by bad war news :)

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Q: Why was it possible that Lincoln would not be reflected in 1864?
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When was Lincoln reelected?

Abraham Lincoln was reelected in 1864.

Why did Lincoln fear he might not be?

In the Summer of 1864, radical Republicans did not see the progress they expected from US President Lincoln's efforts to end the war and end slavery. Lincoln was a moderate Republican and to many of the radicals, he had been too soft on the South. This, in 1864, was an unfair charge against Lincoln. He and his generals were doing all that was possible to force the South into a surrender. Lincoln feared that the Republican Party would not nominate him as their candidate for the November 1864 presidential election.

What had the South hoped for in the election of 1864?

They hoped lincoln would not win re-election in 1864, and they would be able to make peace.

Did Lincoln win election 1864 or Douglas?

Lincoln won the 1864 presidential election.

What helped Lincoln reelected in 1864?

Sherman helped Lincoln get relected in 1864 because he was in love with him

When was the reelection of Lincoln?


What year did Lincoln run for senate?

March 4, 1861 ----------------------------------- Abraham Lincoln ran for U.S. President in 1860 and in 1864 (he won in both years).

Why was it possible that Lincoln would not be reelected in 1864?

The North was discouraged by bad war news

What battle did Lincoln and his wife travel to see in 1864?

The battle (battlefield) that Lincoln and his wife traveled to see in 1864 was Petersburg.

What year was Lincoln dead?


When was Abe Lincoln pres?


Who was Lincolns running mate in the 1864 election?

Andrew Johnson, who became president upon Lincoln's death , ran with Lincoln in 1864.