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Operation Sea Lion was the planned German invasion of Britain. To have any chance of victory, Germany would firstly need air and naval control over the English Channel. In order to cross the channel the Germans needed to meet 3 conditions. They needed control of the sea and of the air and they needed the tides in their favor. At no point in the war were Germany in this position. Adolf Hitler cancelled Operation Sea Lion because the leader of the Luftwaffe, which was the German air force (led by Herman Goering) convinced Hitler that his air force could bring Great Britain to its knees, and Hitler believed him.

In the invasion of Norway, Germany suffered considerable losses within their small navy. They had also lost the pocket Battleship Graf Spee at the end of 1939, so in order to keep the Royal Navy out of the chanel they had to control the sky above completely.

Time was not on their side because their makeshift invasion fleet of river barges would not be able to navigate the channel after the last favorable tide before winter.

By mid September it was clear that they had not caused significant damage to the RAF and by losing the air battle, the sea and land battles could not commence.

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Q: Why was operation sea lion postponed?
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What Operation Sea Lion?

Operation Sea Lion was the planned German invasion of Britain. It was postponed.

What tactics were used by the Germans during Operation Sea Lion?

Operation Sea Lion was postponed because of the loss of the Battle of Britain, and died with the Nazi regime.

What was a result of operation sealion?

During World War II, Operation Sea Lion was Nazi Germany's plan to invade the United Kingdom. Operation Sea Lion was postponed on September 17, 1940 and never rescheduled.

What Operation was Sea Lion?

Operation Sea Lion was the planned seaborne invasion of Britain by Germany after successfully subduing the French. This planned invasion of Britain never came to fruition, however, as British airpower was failed to be subdued from the Battle of Britain.

What did operation sea lion gain or lose?

Operation sea lion never actually happened. It was Hitler's planned invasion of Britain, but when Goering's Luftwaffe failed to destroy the British RAF in the Battle of Britain, Hitler postponed iit several times, and then canceled it.

What was the sea lion from World War 2?

The sea lion you are probably referring to is Operation Sea Lion. Operation Sea Lion was the German plan to invade the island of Great Britian. The plan was an amphibious invasion after the Luftwaffe, the German Air Force, had bombed the British into submission. But the bombing campaign failed and Operation Sea Lion never happened.

How did the british survive operation sea lion?

Operation Sea Lion was the Nazi's plan to invade Britain by sea. The British survived it by beating the German Luftwaffe in Battle of Britain. After that Hitler had to cancel Sea Lion because it had inadequate air cover.

When was operation sea lion meant to happen?

Sea Lion was originally planned for summer of 1940.Sea Lion was originally planned for summer of 1940.

What was sea lion during World War 2?

Operation "Sea Lion" was the planned invasion of Britain by the Germans in 1940.

What is the code name for invasion of England?

Operation Sea Lion.

How did Great Britain deal with operation sea lion?

Operation Sea Lion was the proposed invasion of England by Nazi Germany. The operation never occurred- the Germans needed to weaken or destroy the British navy and air force, but was unsuccessful when they tried.

What was the name of hitlars plan to invade Britain?

Operation Seelowe (Sea Lion)