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The Holocaust was not caused by one man.

Even though Heydrich was called the architect of the Holocaust, it took a whole nation (in fact many nations) to make the Holocaust a reality.

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Q: Why was the Holocaust caused by one man?
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Where is the Holocaust muesum?

There are lots of Holocaust memorials in the world.

How was the outcome of world war two connected to the holocaust?

The Holocaust in the sense of systematic genocide began in 1941, when the war in Europe had already been under way for two years. Other groups were also targeted.The Holocaust, or systematic destruction of peoples which the Nazis considered undesirable, occurred in all areas the Germans captured during World War 2. It was a kind of subplot within the war.If you are trying to establish a cause/effect relationship between WW2 and the Holocaust, I think you will have trouble doing so. The Holocaust did not lead to World War 2, and it was not one of the causes of the war. Similarly, World War 2 did not cause the Holocaust.The German invasion of Poland and later of the Soviet Union did, of course, lead to a vast increase in the numbers of Jews under German rule and added to the Nazis' self-inflicted 'Jewish problem'. One may, of course, also take the view that the Nazis exploited the wartime inaccessibility of Eastern Europe to the outside world when carrying out the Holocaust, but that is not a cause-effect link.

Did any Jewish people renounce being Jewish during the Holocaust?

Yes, but being Jewish in the Holocaust was not judged by one's self, it was determined by the Nazis.

What are the disasters made by man?

Some are caused by oceans and fronts combining.(hurricanes)

Who made the Holocaust begin?

There is not a clear answer to this, one could say that it was the einsatzgruppen.

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How could you stop the holocaust in the future?

Remembering the one caused by Hitler

What man pulled the Jews teeth during the Holocaust?

Leon Cohen was one man who pulled Jews' teeth during the Holocaust, but there were many more.

How did the Holocaust occured?

A man named Hitler created the Holocaust because he was the man with the plan.

How did the holocaust help to shape postmodern thought?

The Holocaust suggested that earlier ideas about progress were not true. The Holocaust makes one consider that postmodernism is wrong as much to do with the Holocaust is with the absence of empirical data.

During the Holocaust which man caused extermination of all people in the concentration camps?

adolf Hitler with a great deal of assistance from his under-dogs. but, they were dealt with after the War

How was the Holocaust?

The near extinction of the Jews caused by Hitler.

What was caused by the Holocaust?

the death of many jews, and a war

What causes DID?

He caused World War 2 and the Holocaust.

Would Hitler have still caused the Holocaust if he had a different childhood?

On what grounds do you assume that Hitler's childhood caused the Holocaust? It sounds to me like a desperately pop and naive notion.

What caused many German Jews to flee to America?

The Holocaust.

What is one aspect of the holocaust?

One aspect of the Holocaust is murder, there was a lot of killing in the Holocaust.

Was the Holocaust caused by some insane leaders or did majority of the people like the idea?

The 'majority of the people' were not asked or even informed about the Holocaust.