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The Tuskegee Airmen were brought into active combat duty in 1943, the same year as the P-51 was adopted. While the Red Tails were initially equipped with older model planes, by the time they were in active combat, the P-51 Mustang was the premier fighter the USAAF had, replacing almost all other light fighters in active combat.

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There is much debate whether the P-51 was the BEST plane in WW2 as there is not a clear definition of how it is the best, the same with almost anything. No doubt it was an invaluable asset to the USAF during the war.

If you pitted the P-51 against the RAF's Spitfire Mk.XIV, there would be no clear winner. The P-51 was a very heavily armed fighter with six M2 50. Cal machine guns, which proved to be extremely important in air battles and was often fitted with rockets when on Air-to-Ground missions. However the Spitfire had two 20mm cannons and four 7.7mm Machine Guns which some people believe to be the main reason the Spitfires defeated the Luftwaffe during the Battle of Britain. The Spitfire was also faster but could not climb anywhere near the same height the Mustang.

So if there is any match for the P-51 it would be the Spitfire Mk.XIV in an Air-to-Air battle. But overall I dont think its really possible to say if it was the best unless it is specified which area it is the best in.

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It was the first aircraft which could actually escort bombers from the United Kingdom all the way to Germany.

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Q: Why was the P-51 Mustang the best plane in World War 2?
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How long can a World War 2 plane fly for without refueling?

There was a great variation of the range of WWII aircraft. Range of fighter aircraft was the biggest concern, and until the introduction of the p51 Mustang the bomber forces suffered huge losses because because the fighter escorts could not follow them all the way to the targets and back, leaving them vulnerable to German fighters. the range of the mustang allowed an escort to and from the targets, and they were able to inflict huge damages on the Reich.

What Allied plane shot down the most enemy aircraft in World War 2?

the British hawker hurricane, it shot down the most planes then any others in ww2. The p51 which was only good at long range and was used late in the war to escort US bombers

What did mechanics do in World War 2?

Mechanics during WW2 maintained and repaired a wide variety of machines such as jeeps , trucks , tanks and airplanes . Repairs would/could consist of , brake replacement , engine overhauls , transmission repairs , diagnosing and repair of a wide variety of mechanical/electrical components . They repaired jeeps , Sherman tanks , 2 1/2 ton trucks , P51 Mustang fighter aircraft as well as numerous other machines .

Is the p51 mustang able to carry and drop bombs?

P-51 airplanes along with many others were able to carry external fuel tanks, rockets as well as bombs. They were not as heavy as the bombs that bombers dropped but they could still take out a building, train, tank, truck or just make a mess out of enemy soldiers.(I don't know why you would drop a bomb on soldiers though!)

What was the 3 miltarty weapons introduced in World War 2?

The three main weapons introduced in WWII, were better and new weapons, stronger tanks such as the Panzer, Tiger, King Tiger E.T.C. They also developed new tactics during this war called the Blitzkriek, another weapon introduced was the new fighter aircraft, ex: P51 D mustang, MK40 Spitfire, Stuka, BF 109, and bombers,. The new bombers introduced in this time was like the Henkels, and B-29'S. Make sense?