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Students were of draft age-apex

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Q: Why was the anti war movement especially strong as colleges?
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When did Anti-Apartheid Movement end?

Anti-Apartheid Movement ended in 1994.

When was Anti-Apartheid Movement created?

Anti-Apartheid Movement was created in 1959.

Did Jefferson favor a strong national government?

Thomas Jefferson expressed anti-federalist thoughts throughout his life. For example, he was against Alexander Hamilton and the Federalist party. Though he was not involved in anti-federalist movement. Thus, he may not favor strong national government

What was the solution for the anti Vietnam war movement?

The anti-war movement fizzled out with the draft in about 1973.

Where has the anti war movement gone?

No draft, no movement.

Why were the anti-Federalists founded?

The Anti-Federalists were a coalition of politicians prominent in state politics who unsuccessfully opposed the strong central government and opposed the ratification of the Constitution. Their reasons included that the strong national government proposed by the Federalists was a threat to the rights of individuals and the fear of reverting to monarchical rule. The Anti-Federalist movement led to adding a Bill of Rights.

How did Harry T Burn cause the perfect 36?

six southern states voted against the amendment, and the anti suffrage movement in Tennessee was very strong

What is the movement associated with medha patkar?

anti-posco movement

Why did an anti war movement become so strong in the US after the Vietnam war?

Media presentation of the war and difficult domestic political strife created powerful anti-war sentiment. Daily news reports (often in graphic detail) brought the horrors of war to the living rooms of the American public. Public protests and government reaction to them 'fueled the flames' of the anti-war movement.

What effect does the anti-war movement have on Australia's society?

The anti-war movement has helped maintain a peaceful co-existing of the Australians.

What is anti clockwise movement?

the movement opposite to the clock's movement. please do not ask such easy questions.

Who led the anti federalists movement?

The anti-federalists were led by Thomas Jefferson.