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One of the indicators of genocide and of war crimes is when civilians are targeted - this is not to say that other nations did not target civilians, just that as Germany lost the war, they would be tried for war crimes. Germany then specifically targeted women and children, an indication of a desire to destroy a group or set of people.

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Q: Why were German actions during the Holocaust considered war crimes?
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Answer this question… They established a new category of crimes for actions similar to those of the Holocaust.

How did the countries around the world respond to the holocaust after world war 2?

Answer this question… They established a new category of crimes for actions similar to those of the Holocaust.

What was the German city were Nazis were put on trial for war crimes?

Nuremburg there were trials in many cities. Whereas in Nuremberg the trials were about war crimes and crimes against peace, the Franfurt trials were about the Holocaust and crimes against humanity.

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The same people who started the whole Holocaust thing.

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The crimes tried were "Crimes against Humanity" because there was no other way to try the Nazi leaders for the Holocaust.

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