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actually soldiers used dog tags as early as 1861 to identify their bodies in war if they died in combat.

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Identification purposes of wounded and dead personnel.

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Q: Why were dog tags invented for World War two?
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What information was provided on GI dog tags in world war 1?

United States: GI Dog Tags were not created until after World War One. The British soldiers did have ID Tags in WW1. In the Second World War US ID Tags had: Name; Grade/Rank; Service #.

What do the numbers on World War 2 dog tags mean?

It meant the force they were with

What is the x's on World War 1 dog tags?

what are you on about world war come on dont be a gick and chillaxethe answer is x-mas

What information was provided on GI dog tags in World War 2?

See the link to the right for information on a World War Two dog tag through four phases of change.

Using Clarenece Christy your father in laws dog tags what is all of the information from world war 2?

dog tags contain: name serial number blood type religious preference

What was the reason to wear dog tags during world war 1?

so that the body could be identified.....

What is the value of World War 1 medals?

World War 1 dog tags usually vary in price depending on which country they originate from. For example a German dog tag is worth more because after the war the Germans melted all of the dog tags down making it more rare. But in the current market a conservative price would be around 100 to 130 dollars.

Can you keep your military dog tags after the war is over?

I guess. Your name is already engraved on it.

Where did uncle sam originate from?

he invented the cat and the dog he invented the cat and the dog

What does the T41-42 mean on the world war 2 dog tags?

It would mean the year that the dog tag wearer got a tetanus shot, in this case 1941-1942.

Do they still use dog tags in war today?

Yes, the standard military dog tag has not changed much since WW2, and the regulation requiring wearing of dog tags remains in place.

Why was a dog tag important in World War 2?

The dog tag was important because it identified soldiers. Dog tags would be collected to send to the family of the deceased as sure proof that the soldier had died.