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Schools were not closed during World War 1.

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Q: Why were schools closed during World War I?
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Were the schools closed in Berlin during world war 2?

Before Berlin was invaded, no.

Were there schools during World War 2?

Yes, many schools around the world were still in operation during World War II.

Why Olympics is closed during world war?

The olympics was closed during world war because in every game we might fight with each other or play roughly

Did they have schools in the time of world war 2?

Yes, schools were still open during the war.

What group was closed into closed camps during World War 2?

Japanese Americans $$$ APEX $$$

What type of boarding schools were there during world war 2?

They were tough.

Did the Nazis establish schools in the us during World War 2 and shortly after?

No, the Nazis did not have schools in the US.No, the Nazis did not have schools in the US.

What drills were implemented in schools during world war 2?

Air raid drills were practiced during World War II That was also the beginning of the Emergency Broadcast System

What group was forced into closed camp during world war 2?

Japanese Americans $$$ APEX $$$

What was taught in schools during World War 1?

tiddlywinks scrabble and fishing

How did schools change in world war 1?

They made a law that prevents talented intellectuals from being enlisted during war time.

Did russia have closed borders during the cold war?

it was a completely closed border