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Beause the population of America was about 1/3 immagrants. And they still thought of themselves as part of their homeland, so when the different countries fought, the people who came from them cheered on there old homes. German Americans got the most grief though, they were hated upon because of their heritage.

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The "haves" and the "have nots." Many that didn't have to fight the war were generally in support of it. Many that faced the "draft" were more often than not, dead set against the war.

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Many Americans could see no value in killing Asians who had not attacked the US. The boxer Muhammad Ali said as much and was put in prison.

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Q: Why were the American people divided about the war?
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What is the opinion of the United Nations regarding the Vietnam War?

As was the American people, the UN was divided on the Vietnam War.

How was the Mexican American War fought by a divided people?

Successfully by a skillfull Army uninvolved in partisan politics.

Which group was most divided in its support of the Ptriots war effort?

During the American Revolutionary War, the people were divided into mainly two groups. Those were people for the revolution, perhaps called "patriots" and the loyalists who wanted the 13 Colonies to remain part of the British Empire.

The War of 1812 and the Mexican American War were supported or against?

There was substantial support for the War of 1812, and the population was equally divided on the Mexican American War.

List the major battle or facts unique to the gulf war in 1991?

Unique fact: Quickest, Easiest, Cleanest, Best (because of few casualties) military campaign in US history. 1. The only other US military action that comes close to Desert Storm was the Spanish-American War of 1898. This declared war lasted approximately 6 months and had about 350 US KIAs. The Spanish-American War was nicknamed "The Splendid Little War" by correspondents of that era. Desert Storm has been nicknamed, "The 100 Hour War." 2. Both the Spanish-American War & Desert Storm occurred in the '90s. 3. Both the Spanish-American War & Desert Storm had speeches/newspapers about them stating that they brought the United States together again...from a divided nation: Spanish-American War reunited the American people after being divided by the US Civil War. DS reunited the American people after being divided by the Vietnam War. President Bush Senior stated to the American people amongst parades for the returning troops, "...WE HAVE BEAT THE VIETNAM SYNDROME!"

During Vietnam there was a war in the US what does this mean?

It means that the American people were divided on the merit of this war. Some wanted to continue the fight, while others wanted to bring the troops home.

Compare and contrast the Vietnam war and the American war?

Most people know what the Vietnam War is; what is the American War?

What nation was divided during the Revolutionary War?

No nation was truly 'divided' during the war. There were some people in America who supported the war(patriots) and those who did not support the war(loyalists).

How did the Vietnam War effect domestic American Policies?

It divided the country and led to the numerous civilian protests against the war.

How was the revolutionary war a civil war?

It was a Civil War only because the Americans were divided between Loyalist and Patriot. The American Revolution is not considered a civil war.

What European Nation That Was Divided Was Divided Into Four Occupation Zones After World War 2?

Germany was divided into American, Soviet, French, and British occupational zones following WWII.

Was the Vietnam War overwhelmingly popular among American civilians?

No, it was about equally divided pro and con.