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After the war, the general population believed they had been stabbed in the back by the leading generals of Germany. The fighters on the German front believed that they were in face winning the fight, however only the people back home and high up in the government knew the true problem of munitions and food shortages. Germany was forced to surrender, but, the general populous had no idea why.

Groups such as the Friecorps, roughly translating to the 'Free People' or 'Free Squad' started emerging, as rumors of the war being surrendered unnecessarily by the communists or the Jews. The Friecorps, (which Hitler himself was even a part of) engaged in a lot of fighting with Communist and other minorities groups.

This lead to each group wanting to seize power of Germany, before their opposing group did, and combined with the general feeling of civil unrest in Germany, many uprisings took place. Maybe most famously, the Kapt-Putsch in which Hitler was jailed for attempting a revolution.

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Q: Why were there so many uprisings in Germany in 1919-1922?
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