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Because The Germans would Be surrounded between the 2 countries and have to fight both countries it war broke out

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Q: Why would an alliance between Russia and France be a problem for Germany?
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What is the triple entente in the World War 1?

The Triple Entente was an alliance during WWI between Britain, France, and Russia. The Triple Entente is a different from the Triple Alliance which was between Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy.

What problem did the French Russian alliance of 1894 create for Germany?

1882 - Triple Alliance between Germany, Austria-Hungry, and Italy is made. This makes Russia and France nervous.... So in 1894 the Franco- Russian Alliance was a military alliance that basically said - if Germany attacks one of us the other country will come to its aid. That means France and Russia would "bookend" Germany and it would have to fight a war on two fronts.... Which it did in World War I, hence the Eastern and Western Fronts.

Why would Germans worry about the alliance between France and Russia?

if France and russia were allies, they could attack Germany on two sides

What is the alliance system and how did it cause the war?

The alliance is made up by Bismarck(Germany).It suggest to isolate France and prevent it from taking revenge on Germany . The problem of alliance system is make a smal war to a Europe war, such as The Balkan War ,so that the death people will be increase.

Who was the tripple alliance?

The Triple Alliance was a military alliance formed in 1882 between Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy. It was primarily aimed at countering the threat posed by France and Russia in Europe. The alliance played a role in World War I as Germany and Austria-Hungary were central powers fighting against the Triple Entente (France, Britain, and Russia).

Who were the leader of the triple entente?

The Triple Entente was an alliance formed on August 31, 1907, between the Russian, France and the United Kingdom after the signing of the Anglo-Russian Entente. This alliance was a response to the Triple Alliance of Germany, Italy, and Austria-Hungary.

What is triple alliance (1882)?

The Triple Alliance was an agreement formed between Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy during 1882. This alliance was a counter against the Triple entente between France, Great Brittan, and Russia. The triple alliance lasted until WWI.

What was the triple alliance for world war 1?

The triple alliance was between Germany, Austria- Hungary, and Italy. Be care ful not to mix it up with the Triple Entente which was between Britain, France and Russia.

Why did France and Russia form a dual alliance?

The dual alliance of 1892 between France and Russia arose from fear of Germany.

Germany joined the triple alliance to protect itself from?


What is the Haldane mission?

Germany demand a continental type alliance from the British while all it need was a entente relationship. The continental alliance would state that the other gets involved if one gets attacked. England should help Germany if there is a conflict with Germany and France. Germany would be allowed to attack Russia or France since they do not know if they will get attacked or not. The main purpose of the Haldane Mission was to gain a alliance between Britain and Germany. It dose not work out.

Why did Germany join the triple alliance to protect itself against who?