Will tan Chong tee die

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Will tan Chong tee die
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What were the qualities of tan chong tee?

he is a brave man

Does Tan Chong Tee has any children?

No of course he didnt

What did tan Chong tee done in Singapore war?


What school is Tan Chong Tee in?

Obtain the book titled: "Story of a World War II Resistance fighter." (2001). By Tan Chong Tee. ISBN 981-3029-90-0

Why people admire tan Chong tee?

as he was brave and resistance fighter

War hero Tan Chong Tee?

Obtain the book: "Force 136: Story of a World War II Resistance Fighter." By Tan C. Tee (2001); ISBN 981-3029-90-0.

When was Tan Si Chong Su created?

Tan Si Chong Su was created in 1878.

Who were the war heroes in World War 2 in Singapore?

Elizabeth Choy Lim Bo Seng Lt. Adnan bin Saidi Tan Chong Tee Halford Boudewyn

When did Huang Chong die?

Huang Chong died in 263.

When did Fu Chong die?

Fu Chong died in 394.

When did Huan Chong die?

Huan Chong died in 384.

When did Jia Chong die?

Jia Chong died in 282.