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One of the forward 12 inch guns from the Russian Battleship OREL exploded during the Battle of Tsushima on 27 May 1905. The battleship surrendered on the high seas the following day.

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Q: Witch battleships guns blowed up
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How many battle stars did the uss north corolina earn?

Fifteen. She participated in almost every major campaign in the Pacific. She was the first of the new "fast battleships", the first built after the "building holiday" agreed to internationally under the naval limitations of the Treaty of Washington (1923). All the older US battleships had a top speed of 21 knots. The North Carolina and the other nine fast battleships were fast enough to keep up with the aircraft carriers. Her modern armament, particularly the secondary battery of 20 5-inch guns, ten to a side, made her extremely effective against enemy aircraft. So the North Carolina and the other nine fast battleships spent the war in task forces with the aircraft carriers, providing excellent anti-aircraft cover for the valuable carriers.

How many bombs could the zeppelin hold?

A Zeppelin could carry up to 2000lb of bombs and had five machine guns.

What was the largest battleship ever made in ww2 called?

The Yamato-class battleships, two vessels completed for the Imperial Japanese Navy, were the largest such warships ever built. They displaced 72,000 tons fully loaded, were 863 feet long and 121 feet wide, and could travel at a speed of up to 27 knots (31 mph). The battleships, named Yamato and Musashi, also had the biggest guns and thickest armor. Their main armament consisted of nine 18.1 inch guns, which could throw a 3,219 pound shell a distance of 26 miles. The main gun turrets, which contained the heaviest armor on the ship, were protected by steel 25.6 inches thick. They were a formidable opponent for any other surface warship afloat.

What are confederate batteries?

Large guns belonging to the Confederates set up for battle.

Did guns have safeties during the Civil War?

Guns did not have safeties during the Civil War. However, some of the guns in the 1800s, had a half way spot between hammer down and hammer up that works kind of like a safety.

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