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The fighting was bloody and little ground was gained

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ww1 was doing fighting in the trenches, so trench fighting

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World War 1 was fought in trenches or deep slits in the ground.

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What was World War 1 known for?

World War I was the first war to incorporate modern technology into fighting techniques.

An early phase of World War 2 when little fighting occurred was known as the?

Phony War.

What was the main area of fighting known as in World War 1?

No Mans Land

What type of warfare characterized the fighting of world war 2?

Throughout the war there was every kind of warfare you could imagine - and lots you couldn't.

How did people fighting in World War 2 get around?

the people fighting in world war II got around mainly by aircrafts the people fighting in world war II got around mainly by aircrafts

Most of the fighting in World War I took place in what country?

Most of the fighting from world war 1 happened in Europe in the countries of Belgium and France. The germans did most of the fighting and invasions.

How did the allies of world war 1 contribute to the war?

Primarily by fighting the war...

What were Canadian soldiers fighting for in World War 1?

They were fighting for there freedom and ours

Who was fighting in the world war?

yo dudes

Was involved in World War I?

fighting and violence

When did fighting start in world war 2?

== ==

What single event or action started the war of world war 2?

The big one was Germany's invasion of Poland, that kind of kicked it off, but China and Japan were fighting the war with each other first.