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These are a picture of some WW2 Bulgarian Army boots.

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Q: World War 2 bulgarian army boots?
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How big was the Bulgarian army during World War 1?


What were the center powers of world war 1?

German, Hungarian, Turkish, and Bulgarian

What ended Bulgarian involvement in World War 1?

Russia bailed out of the war. They had no hope in winning, so they dropped out.

What was the black group in Europe in World War 1?

World War I was only truly considered a world war because European countries relied on their colonies and its people to support the war. Colonial peoples were enlisted in the army and fought in battles in Europe. They were referred to as 'Boots' by the Germans because of their dark skin.

Did Bulgaria enter World War 2 to defet the Russian army?

the want Greek and Yugoslavian lands they believed rightfully theirs Very true. The Hungarian and Romanian Armies fought against Russia, but the Bulgarian Army was excused from such service in exchange for allying with Germany.

Did the men in World War 1 were boots?


What material was used for soldier's boots in World War 1?

Normally leather was used for boots.

Who were the Bulgarian League in 1943?

There was not a Bulgarian League winner in 1943 due to war.

What were 4 major countries central powers in World War 1?

german, hungarian, turkish, bulgarian

What transport did they use most in World War 1?


How much did the boots weight in world war 1?


What kind of shoes did Jews wear during World War 2?

That depends on which area of Europe they were living in. For instance, some Dutch often wore clogs, while others wore boots, sandals, loafers, etc.