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The first battle for the US was Pearl Harbor.

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Q: World war 2 where was the first battle what was the first battlewhy was there a first battle how was there a first battle?
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What was the first battle involving the us in World War 2?

The first official battle of World War II involving overt US military presence was the Battle of Pearl Harbor.

What were major battles of World War I?

The Battle of Messines and the Battle of the Somme were two significant battles during the First World War. Others include the Battle of Mons and the Battle of Verdun.

Was the battle of Poland the first war for Germany since World War 1?


Was World War 2 the first war to use weapons?

world war 2 was the first war to use weapons because world war1 wasn't a really hard war to battle as world war 2 was a really hard one to battle against over people and countries

What happened to Europe after first world war?

they died at Battle

What was the first battle of World War 2 from Europe?


Where was Americas first battle in world war 2?


Who won the first battle in world war 2?


What was the first deadliest battle?

The First World War was the first real deadly battle, millions of men died. It was the first war with weapons such as machine guns, tanks and gas.

The first US offensive of World War 2 was?

Our first offensive for the pacific war the battle inGuadalcanal

Was the term ANZAC first used in world war 2?

No- it was first used in 1915- World War I. See link below-

What was the first naval battle of the civil war?

The first naval battle of the Civil War happened on April 13, 1861. This naval battle took place at Fort Sumter.