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Subversion is the act of trying to destroy or damage an established system or government. The United States has long harbored a fear of subversion at the hands of enemies of democracy, speacially during Cold War.

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Q: What was subversion in the cold war?
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What is a sentence with subversion?

I will not have a subversion, I will not have treason in my house.

What is the concept of Eclipse subversion about?

The concept of Eclipse subversion is about integrating subversion version control system with the Eclipse platform. The Eclipse subversion concept was started by a company named Polarion.

What is the definition of Red Scare?

The Red Scare refers to periods of intense anti-communist hysteria in the United States, characterized by fear of communist infiltration and subversion. The term is most commonly associated with the post-World War II era and the early years of the Cold War.

What does subversion mean?

Subversion is the undermining of the power and authority of an established system or institution.

When was Apache Subversion created?

Apache Subversion was created on 2000-10-20.

Why is it called the cold war was weather involved?

The Cold War was given that name because the two opposed factions in that war, NATO vs. the Warsaw Pact, did not directly attack each other, unlike our previous experience of warfare. It was, therefore, cold in a purely metaphorical sense, it did not have to do with the weather. Both sides were afraid that any direct confrontation would result in nuclear war and the destruction of the human race, which was considered to be too high a price to pay for winning a war. Therefore, various forms of indirect attack, subversion, war by proxy, and so forth, were used instead.

What does the term Subversion mean?

Subversion essentially means to overthrow. It is the changing of a society's well established system, values, or practices. When a revolt against a king happens that can be called a subversion.

What is internal subversion?

Subversion refers to any attempt to change the established order of society, its power structures, and its hierarchy. Internal subversion refers to attempts made by those within the system.

How did the cold war affect the cold war front?

There was no "front" in the Cold War.

Are Polands in the Cold war?

polands are not in the cold war

Why was the cold war quiet?

Because it was a cold war (no war).

What was the basis of peace in the cold war?

Peace of the Cold War was from a settlement. The Cold War was a long and hard war.