5 native American tribes

Updated: 8/20/2023
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There were several native American tribes that lived in America. Five of the tribes were the Cherokee, Creek, Seminole, Chickasaw, and Choctaw.

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I prefer nations And Iriquois nations Seneca Cayuga Oneida Onondaga Kenienkehaken Quileutes

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Q: 5 native American tribes
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Did native American tribes work with other tribes?

if you are talking about the iroquois tribe , it worked with 5 other tribes but sometimes they work with other tribes

How many US states allow same-sex marriage in 2013?

14 states plus Washington DC and 5 Native American tribes.

5 native tribes of the rainforest?

Just in the Amazon area there are many different tribes. Five are:KoruboKayapoTicunaMundurukuXavante

What is the name of one of the 5 native tribes that starts with a k?

Since the term "native American" applies to all the indigenous peoples of the Americas, the number of tribes that start with "k" is far more than just 5. In North America:KwakiutlKickapooKiowaKiowa-ApacheKlikitatKoyukonKutchinKutenaiKalapuyaKansa (Kaw)KarankawaKarokKaskaKawaiisuKeresIn Central America;KanjobalKekchiIn South America:KadiweuKaingangKaiwaKamayuraKamsaKandoshiKankuamoKarajaKaririKaripunaKatukinaKaweskarKaxaririKaxuianaKayabiKayapoKoguiKuikuro

5 native American facts?

1) There are over 350 tribes. 2) We DO pay taxes. 3) We DO pay for college. 4) We are #NotYourMascots 5) We do our best to keep our cultures in tact.

How were Native Americans divided in the revolutionary war?

Native Americans were divided by the 5 tribes. You can remember the 5 tribes by COSMO. C-Cayuga O-Onida S-Seneca M-Mohawk and O-Onondaga.

Who lived at the missions?

There were several groups at the missions. The priests were at the missions, Native American tribes( once they converted they weren't allowed to leave), and 5-6 soldiers. The Native Americans were often mistreated by both the priests and the soldiers.

How many native American tribes were their?

There were about 10 million natives that inhabited North American in 1492. There is no estimate as to how many individual Native American groups there were because there were no political organization associated with true tribes.

What are the coastal tribes of Washington?

There are many Native American tribes in the Pacific Northwest, particularly along the coast of Washington. Quileute, Tlingit, and Salish are the only three I know of, but I am sure there are at least 5-7 main tribal languages in that area and that's not counting any other Natives who live in that area, but are from tribes outside of those territories.

What are the top 5 most populated Native American tribes?

as of summer 2011 they are: Navajo, Cherokee, choctaw, all Sioux nations (lakota, Dakota, oglala), ojibwa that may or may not be the order (left to right)

What were the names of the native Americans tribes in the Indian removal act?

All Indian tribes east of the Mississippi river were sent west of the Mississippi.

What is Michael salmon nationality?

1/4 african american 1/3 korean 1/5 egyptian 1/5 native american