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Q: A family history traced through the mother is called?
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What does family of mother's side is called?

Your mother's family is your maternal family.Family history traced through the mother is called the matrilineal history.

What is breast cancer mode of transmission?

It is passed through the genes of the mother or it is in their family history

What is Apollo's family history?

Leto was his mother

What best describes a patrilineal system?

Patrilineal system is when you descend from your father and not your mother.

If you are cousin's through your mother's family an aunt on her father's side would be what to you?

If you are related to another person through your mother's side of the family, and the other person is related to you through her mother's side of her family, then an aunt on the father's side of the other person's family is not related to you.

Through the Tunnel what is jerrys age and family situation?

they are in single mother family

If a mom horse is white will the baby be white?

This depends on the mother's history and family, or bloodlines, as well as the father's coat, history, family and bloodlines. The answer? Not necessarily.

What is a family called in which the mother and father share decision making?

equalitarian family.

Is esma the mother in twilight?

Esme is the mother figure (through "adoption", not biological) of the Cullen family.

What are in laws?

In-laws are family through marriage. For example, the mother of your husband or wife would be your mother in-law.

Are there two parents in the family?

Yes, which is called the mother and father.

A family consisting of a mother father and children is a called a what?