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Q: A leading Tejano figure in the Texas Revolution was?
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Who was a leading Tejano figure in the Texas Revolution?

juan seguin

What role did Juan N Seguin play in the Texas revolution?

Juan Seguín was a Tejano hero of the Texas Revolution, a Texas Senator, Mayor, Judge, & Justice of the Peace. In 1824 he joined the Texas Revolution to get rid Texas of Santa Anna's rule. In 1835 he recruited & commanded Tejano troops for the Texan Army.

What state in the US did tejano come from?


What were the U.S settlers called in Texas?


Which state in the US does a tejano come from?


How do you say are you from Texas in Spanish?

¿Eres Tejano? = Are you Texan? ¿Eres de Texas? = Are you from Texas?

How do you spell Texan in Spanish?

tejano de Texas

Who strained American and Tejano relations in Texas?

there are no missions in texes

What types of instruments are used in tejano?

They use "Texas Instruments"!

What is the phone number of the Tejano Artist Music Museum in Austin Texas?

The phone number of the Tejano Artist Music Museum is: 512-928-3122.

Is Pee Wee Mexican?

Pee Wee Gonzalez is of Mexican descent. He was born in Washington. Then he was raised in Mission, Texas. So he's like a Tejano I guess (Tejano: ppl of Mexican descent but live in Texas).

What did they call a person that lived in Texas during the time it was part of Mexico?