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a paryment for military service is an

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Q: A payment for military service is a an?
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Does the military pay for there solders and service people to be brought home for leave and retirement?

Yes - but normally they are transported on military transport so no payment is needed.

What is a Series 611 military payment cerificate worth?

37 military payment certificate series 611

What does soccige mean?

noun - a tenure of land held by the tenant in performance of specified services or by payment of rent, and not requiring military service.

What is a direct payment?

A direct payment can include cash or checks that are received for a service. Direct payment comes from the person receiving the service and goes to the person giving the service.

Was Calvin Coolidge in the military service?

no- Coolidge had no military service.

What is the value of series 651 Military Payment Certificate 1.00 denominationI?

What is the value of series 651 Military Payment Certificate 64

What military service did Woodrow Wilson serve?

Wilson had no military service .

Is NOAA a branch of military service?

No. The NOAA Commissioined Corps is a "uniformed service", but it is not a military service.

Is military service compulsory in Germany?

National service is. I do believe they offer alternatives to military service.

How much is the 5 cent military payment certificate worth?

how much is a military payment certificate five cents series 521 worth

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When the customer finds the service they need and chooses the service provider they like, they just order this service by choosing date, time, and where they want to receive the service. Their payment goes to our PSP (Payment Service Provider), When the service provider provides the requested service, the payment is sent to the provider's bank account.

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